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Angel Love


Picking up where April Showers leaves off, Randy weaves his spell of dominance and protection over beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed Angel Love as he had over equally beautiful April. Reintroducing her to the alluring, exciting, glamorous life of a high priced call girl, she had all but given up, she is anxious to please Randy and herself. Therefore, she resumes the life she, April and two other friends left behind seven years earlier, when as college juniors, the four had spent a debauched two week spring vacation as in Las Vegas.


Sexy Adult Excerpt:

"Thank you, Fahd," my partner in crime said.

Fahd dipped his head, before bowing and continuing down the hall. Samira reached out and took my hand. "This way please." She led me into a bedroom where two young women unveiled in western clothes, but wearing a hijab, stripped and clad us as Fahd had described.

They dressed me in a deep red, see-through, layered silk, gypsy skirt and a coin bra. They dressed April as she had described, in a sheer, magenta, silk choli and pantaloons, cinched at the ankles. We were given no undergarments therefore April's breasts were visible through the semi-transparent material and the private area between both our legs was partially covered by the fringe from fringe belts. We wore no footwear, but they tied a chain of bells around our ankles and placed antique bracelets upon our wrists and arms. We were naked from our breasts to our mound with the exception of a gold chain around our waists. Last, the women added a beautiful jeweled hijab, a see through veil and a stunning, precious gem necklace on each of us.

I glanced in a mirror and smiled. I liked the sexy, mysterious way I looked.

When ready, Samira led us into the prince's quarters. The prince, wore a long white robe like garment with a gold sash and rested on at least a king sized bed. In addition, large pillows, scattered about. The prince was young, darkly handsome, small in stature, though not was small as Fahd. He looked to measure the same five seven as me. When he noticed me, I saw a gleam of approval in his eye. "Ahh, Randle has outdone himself once more. You are every bit as exquisite as your co-worker, April. Come here sweetheart. You too, April."

April and I sashayed sexily up to our rich John and stood before him. He put a hand on our asses and rubbed them. Then he moved to our 'V's and cupped our mounds and clitoral sheaths. "You are both so nice." He stared at me. "What is your name?"

"Angel, Angel Love."

"Ah. And make love we will. I am Prince Abdul Salam al Sade. You may call me Salam if you wish." I nodded and he continued. "Well, Angel, as April can attest, I can be a kinky. Today, I want to watch you two please each other. Randle assures me you do this. Then as I watch, I will decide what I'd like to do and gradually work my way in--pun intended." He chuckled. "Is that all right with you?"

I nodded.

"But first, I had you dressed as belly dancers so dance for me." He pressed a button on a remote control he held and Middle Eastern Music began to play.

April began to move her feet and arms in time with the music, while her fabulous midriff undulated. She did great so I mimicked her as best I could. The coins on my dancing bra and the bells on our ankles contributed to the overall effect.

Observing the Prince, he seemed enjoy our performance, smiling and masturbating. "Take your veils off," The prince instructed.

April removed hers and tossed it aside so I followed her example.

A short time later, he said, "Your hijabs. Let your long hair flow free."

I knew what that meant so I beat April to it.

The prince clapped. "Now, take your tops off."

Following instructions, we now performed a topless belly dance.

April looked and moved so sexy, the walls of my vagina began to perspire creame in anticipation of the Prince's planned debauchery.

"Now, take the rest of your clothes off."

As April removed her pantaloons and I took off my gypsy skirt, Prince Salam removed his garment as well. We were all naked except for our jewelry.

As the song ended, the prince instructed, "April lay on the bed so Angel can eat your pussy."

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