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Forbidden Passion

"So this is you grandfather's sleeping room. He sleeps in this huge round bed alone?"

Mitheas thought about it then answered. "I guess so. Why?"

The corners of Ada's sensuous lips curled into a wicked smile. "Mitheas, sweetheart. Do you realize that this is the first time since we started making love that we have been in a bed together?"
"Yes. What about it?"
Ada's lips formed a pout, "What about it? Haven't you ever wished we could make love in a real bed? I have dreamed about this; how wonderful it would be to make love with you in a bed, instead of on the ground, or in a pantry, or a buggy, or the bell tower."

She raised up on her knees, energized. "Imagine, my love, how perfect our love making would be in this soft, heavenly bed."

"But Ada, it's not our bed. It's grandfather's bed, and he only left to fetch the healer. He could be back any moment."
"And he might not. What if he can't find the healer? Instead of minutes, it could be tens of minutes. Doesn't lying naked in a bed with me give you the urge?"

She was on her knees above him. His eyes scanned her essence. "What if my grandfather comes back?"

Her sex was tingling and getting wet. Determined to convince him, she lifted one leg over his torso, straddling him. She reached for one of his hands placing it on her wet sex. "We simply stop making love, that's all." She gasped and began moaning, as his clever finger began teasing her clit and dipping in and out of her sopping wet gash. Catching her breath, she continued, You realized the soldiers watched us having sex and it didn't kill us. If he finds us making love, you can tell him that Glyna is waiting for him to make love to her like this." Bending her knees, she lowered her behind, stopping when she felt his erection burrowing between her cheeks. She felt behind her and touched his bulging cock. He is ready.

She leaned forward, lying on his massive chest, snuggling the top of her head just under his chin. He hugged her tightly. "I love you so much."
"Then make love to me." She reached down and grasped his prick, sliding her hand gently up and down the shaft, wishing it were inside her.

He groaned and quivered.
"Your cock wants to make love," Ada teased.

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