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Every night, Wilson dreams about his dream lover in a serial dream. All he knows is her name—Charli. Is she the perfect woman, a figment of his imagination, he wonders, or is she a real live flesh and blood soul mate waiting to be claimed.


Each night for a week, Wilson dreamed about a beautiful woman named Charli. Charli is so perfect in every way, he can't get her out of his mind. Is she just his idea of the perfect woman, a figment of his imagination, or is she a flesh and blood soulmate waiting to be claimed.

Every night for a week, CJ, dreamed about a dream date with her dream lover, Mitch. He's everything she could ever want. He has the face of an angel and the body of a god. Could he possibly be real or is he a fantasy in a fantasy dream?

Please note: A shorter version of Dreams was released as Dream Lovers.


Mitchell's hand slammed the off button on the alarm clock. He shook the cobwebs out of his mind and tried to digest what happened. The dream again. Same setting, same gorgeous woman—a woman named Charli—whom he'd never met. What the eff, is going on? He wished he knew. He also wished he knew Charli. Those legs, that ass, that perfect face. She was fun, sensuous, glamorous, sexy and stunning. Pure delight to be around.

Is she a figment of my imagination—a vision of my perfect woman or a real living, breathing, flesh and blood enchantress.

Damn, it was five-thirty, time to get up and go through the usual daily Junior-partner routine. Better start with a shower. In only one hour Evan will be waiting for him at the racquetball courts. And we don't want to keep him waiting.

Evan glanced at his watch. "You're late."

"Only three minutes."

"If Paul Revere had been three minutes late, he never would have notified the militia in time and we'd all be speaking English."

"We speak English, anyway."

Ev frowned, then brightened. "With an accent."

"Sorry, Ev. I keep having this dream about a sexy woman and it distracts me so much it takes a few minutes to get back to reality."

As usual Evan served first and aced it. "Sexy dreams huh! Tell me more."

He frowned, surprised by Ev's unexpected interest. "It all started in a Starbucks. I was sitting down—"

Evan served again—another damn ace. Buck up Mitchell.

Evan probed, "Go on, I'm listening."

"Yes, I'm sitting down and the place is jammed. You know how those places get around ten."

Evan served again and this time Mitchell managed to return and win the volley.

Evan said, "Good one. Starbucks was jammed, go on."

He shook his head. "I can't talk and play. Why don't I tell you in the locker room?"

"Good match Mitch. You're getting better."

"Thanks Ev."

"You're not holding back are you?"

"Of course not."

"Good. I want your 'A' game. Now, finish telling about this recurring dream."

"Sure. Like I said, the place is packed when this dazzling creature walks in and gets in line. Mesmerized, I couldn't take my eyes from her. That's why I noticed the couple times she snuck a glance; her lips seemed to resist the formation of a smile."

"You paint a hell of a picture, Mitch. Get to the point. Did you meet her and more importantly, did you fuck her?"

He shook his head. "Not yet. Each dream has us getting more romantically involved and in the last dream we were looking for a place to make love."

Ev chuckled. "Well, that's your problem. You've been working so hard lately, you haven't got laid. You just need some good old T&A and I have just the lady for you. Her name is Trixie. She's blond and cute. For only two-fifty she'd suck your pipes clean and fuck your brains out. One hour with this little whore and you'd be a new man." He reached in his wallet, pulled out a card and handed it to him. "I don't need this card anymore." He chuckled. "Her number is embedded into my mind."

He studied the card.

Sensuous Sessions, Escort Service,

Trixie Best, contractor

While putting the card in his wallet, Ev waved goodbye. "I've got to go. I'll see you at the office.

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