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April ShowersBananaz II

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The Afro beauty standing almost directly opposite me locked eyes and smiled. What a fantastic smile she displayed, perfect pearly white teeth contrasting her medium brown skin. As her playful, warm brown eyes fixed on mine, she pursed her lips to toss me a kiss, then lifted up a yellow object and inserted it into her mouth. It was a banana. Still watching me with mischievous glee in her bright eyes, she sexily moved it in and out, while stroking the remainder of the banana with her other hand.

Feeling my own personal banana stirring, I noticed the other girls were also holding bananas. The redhead noticing what black beauty was doing and followed her eyes to me. Throwing a hand up over her mouth, she couldn't stifle the laugh escaping though her coral painted lips. Next the black-haired girl noticed me and smiled broadly. Joel, the voyeur, had been discovered.

Teri spun around with a banana halfway down her throat and started choking when she saw me. Blushing and sniggering, she jerked the banana out of her mouth. Taking my hand, she dragged me into the kitchen, falling into my arms.

"Hi, sweetheart! Looks like you caught us being wicked," she admitted, blushing.

"Wicked? It looks more like you're starving." I took the banana from her hand and examined it. "What's going on?"

Teri batted those baby blues. "Joel, honey, these are my friends—Lisa, Shelly and Gloria. They work with me." The redhead, Shelly, nodded. Hispanic Lisa lifted up her hand and waved, but the African-American, Gloria, the feistiest of the trio, pointed at the banana in her mouth, then, after moving it in and out a few seconds, pointed at me and winked. I nodded as my pocket rocket grew another inch.

Teri went on, but my gaze remained on Gloria. "This is so embarrassing. We were sunning by the pool and somehow the subject of blowjobs came up."

"I think it was Gloria," interrupted Shelly, whose eyes grew wider at Gloria's banana sucking exploits.

Gloria winked again.

"Then the subject evolved to doing deep-throat, so we came up here to see if we could do it." Teri noticed Gloria's exhibition.

"Gloria, could you cool it for a moment?"

Gloria slowly took the banana out of her mouth. Eyeing my somewhat bulging crotch, she licked her lips and said, “Pleased to eat you, Joel. Grrrr."

Clearly shocked, Shelly turned to Gloria. "Glory, this is Teri's boyfriend."

Grinning at her naughty remark, Gloria planted her fist upon her extended left hip while pointing the banana in her other hand at Teri's dreamboat. “Hey girl, don't I know it. Look at him. Check out all that dark curly hair and his gorgeous smile. Doesn't that just make you wanna plant a happy-face on him?"

Smacking her lips and giving Gloria a high five, Lisa added, "You're there, Glory. He surely is a hunk. Look at those beautiful blues, and check those muscles! What are you, baby, six foot three, maybe two-twenty?"

"Six-two, two-ten and he belongs to me." Teri locked arms around me, reinforcing her claim.

Gloria chided Teri, "Girl, why you sucking on bananas when the top banana is at your fingertips? C'mon, girl, show us how you do it."
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