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Lila Patterson receives the shock of her life when, after being stood up for lunch by her husband, she returns home and finds her things being moved into a moving van.

Seeing her husband standing on the lawn directing the movers, she storms up to her husband, only to receive an even bigger shock and deep hurt when their lawyer, her long time friend from college, hands her a divorce petition.

WARNING! This book contains explicitly described love/sex scenes.


Story Excerpt

To my surprise I woke up on the living room divan while Daniel held a cold, wet compress to my head. “Are you all right?”

I forced my eyes to focus on Dan’s smiling face. “I’m too stunned to know.”

He scratched his head. “Lila, you are my friend and I want you to know that serving you with a divorce petition was the worse thing I could think of. Unfortunately, Lamar is my client. I had to give you that petition. It was my job.”

“Don’t remind me,” I snarled as I felt my face gnarl, “Where is the snake.”

“He went to see his girlfriend.”

I jerked upright. “Girlfriend? Is that what this is about? He torpedoes my life, I faint and he marches off to see a girlfriend.”

I saw empathy in his eyes. “Apparently.”

My nostrils flared in reaction to my emotive state. “I busted ass for five years to put that snake through medical school and this is how he repays me.” I shook my head. “I guess I really never knew him.”

“He’s changed. Success has made his head swell. I know this is tough, but you’re better off without him. The three of us go clear back to college, but I always knew you were the nicer person.”

“Thanks Dan.” I hugged Dan, but felt dizzy, so I lay back against the armrest. “I’ll bet you’d never do anything as seedy as that?”

Dan’s baby blue eyes looked conflicted, he opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t.

I pursed my lips. “Humph, I should have married you.”

Dan’s eyes widened. He fidgeted and once again acted as if he would speak, but he remained silent.

My voice sounded whiny as I bemoaned my situation, “What am I going to do? I have no money, no job, no place to live.”

Dan’s hand softly stroked my forehead. “You have your old condo.”

“It’s rented, out.”

“Not anymore. Lamar wouldn’t renew the lease and kicked the tenants out. That’s where your things are being delivered.”

I raised my hands and flared my fingers to emphasize what I was about to impart, “That’s fine, but I still have no job, or money.”

“You’ll get money too. Don’t worry.”

“When? How much?”

“I’ll explain it all to you. Tell me. Not that you could have kept working at the medical office, but how come you stopped working there?”

I rolled my eyes. “That was Lamar’s idea. He decided, about six months ago, since the practice was doing so well, I should stay at home and join charities. That it looked bad to have the wife working there as if we were barely maki…” I paused while an epiphany took shape in my mind. “Hey! You don’t suppose he wanted me out of there so his philandering ass could fool around with impunity, do you?”

Dan shrugged. “I wouldn’t doubt it. He met his girlfriend three months ago.

“What an asshole. And since I stay home now I was planning on trying to have a baby.”

“Thank your stars, you didn’t.”

Adult Excerpt

I opened the pack, took one out and giggled. “I can’t wait to see what the tool this goes on looks like.”

He laughed, then took hold of my hand and brought it to his lips. The feel of his soft lips kissing the inside of the wrist curled my toes, but he didn’t stop there. Languorously, his lips peppered the sensitive inside of the arm until he reached the sleeve of my tee shirt.

“Take it off,” he ordered gently. I rose up and pulled the shirt over my head.

He touched my bra. “This too.”

I unfastened the bra, slipped the straps over my arms and Danny took over, pulling the bra straps down my arms until I was topless. The fresh air pebbled my areolas and hardened the nipples.

Danny stared at my breasts as he sat up. “I always knew your breasts would be beautiful.” He extended a finger and tenderly circled a nipple, igniting an ember of lust deep in my womb.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on the tingly erotic sensations that coursed through me, only to re-open them when his hand cupped a breast and his tongue swirled over the jutting nub. Tingly erotic feelings now terminated in my fast warming pussy.

Brazenly, I sidled toward him pushing my chest out, serving my hard nipples to his soft lips. I gasped when his lips surrounded my lucky nipple. The smoldering ember in my womb burst into a flame and the walls of my pussy began to bleed crème. I bunched fingers around the bottom of Danny’s shirt, raising it several inches before he broke away from my breast and removed the unwanted garment. Now that he was also topless, I admired his muscular, well toned, lightly haired chest.

Cutting short my admiration, he unzipped my cut-offs and urged me, “Take these off.”

I raised my bottom enough to slide them over my ass, then sat down, pushed them down my legs and off my feet.

He pulled the elastic band of my lacy panties away from my shaved mound and let it snap back. “These too.”

He gasped when I grabbed the bulge in his pants and squeezed. “You too.” Nodding, he kicked off his topsiders. Then he unzipped and removed his pants, revealing the top of the object, I’d been curious about for nine years. The head of his hard cock poked above the band of his briefs.

With our eyes fixated on the location of each others genitals, we pushed down our underpants.

My heart stopped and my stomach seemingly leapt into my throat when I saw the wonder of his pulsating flesh colored shaft with its mauve and plum colored crown. In reality, it was no bigger than Lamar’s, but unlike his upward curving cock, Danny’s was straight and…white. When the realization hit me—I was about to make love with a white man—I took a deep breath and shook off the chill. You want this! Deep down you always wanted Danny!

Danny’s cock acted like a magnet to my hand. Never taking my eyes from it, I sat up and reached down, languidly stroking him. The tiny little “ah” he uttered with each stroke pushed me on. I liked exciting him and I wanted to please him. I cupped his scrotum with my other hand and gently squeezed.

He groaned, “Oh baby, that feels so good.”

His cock was rigid, so hard I could feel it throbbing in my hand, I squeezed it and it pushed back. The little noises he’d uttered with each stroke had become an almost steady moan. When I glanced back, Danny’d closed his eyes and his head rocked back and forth. All this while his fingers wrapped tightly around the vertical bars of the headboard.

“Jesus, baby! You have no idea what you’re doing to me!”

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