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Hollywood Witches

January James is keyed up about attending the Fairmont Country Club’s annual Halloween costume party. Experiencing a weird feeling that something marvelous is about to befall her, an incredible occurrence does take place at the annual ball. However, even January is stunned at the prospect of the life-changing proposal offered by Alyson Adams, a beautiful white witch she encounters at the party.


A smallish young man named Rodrigo took our order. Soon we were drinking frozen margaritas from a pitcher, eating yummy nachos from a hot plate that covered half our table and enjoying a round of girl-witch talk.

All of a sudden our attention was drawn to an apparent commotion in the kitchen, with a man yelling and a girl weeping and screaming. Then a large Caucasian man burst through the swinging doors, dragging, kicking and scratching, a frightened young Hispanic girl. She was crying and begging in Spanish, "No deseo terminar para arriba como Maria. No deseo morir!" Rodrigo, our waiter, rushed up to aid the girl, but he was so small and the man so big, he was brushed aside as if he was nothing.

We were between the man with the poor girl and the exit. I didn't like what he was doing to her and understanding Spanish was appalled at what she'd said, I don't want to end up like Maria. I don't want to die! To my utter shock, I stood up in front of this man and confronted him, "Let go of her!"

"Mind you own business lady, before you get hurt. She belongs to me." And he started to brush past me.

I didn't know what to do, but I couldn't let him take her. At the last minute, I stuck out my foot and tripped him. He fell to the floor, the girl falling on top of him. Quickly I bent down and picked her up. She couldn't have weighed over ninety pounds nor have been any older than thirteen. Furious I shoved her between Danielle and Alyson. Danielle was already dialing 911 on her phone, while Alyson nodded approvingly. The girl was scared to death. Holding onto Danielle tightly, she cowered as the bully scrambled to his feet, rage in his eyes. He was about to punch me, but caught himself when he saw there were three of us and one of us appeared to be calling the police.

"You haven't heard the last of this." He snarled, "There are people that won't stand for this." He took a threatening step forward, but stopped suddenly, slapping his ear. "Ow!" Then he struck his neck. "Ow, shit." Then the back of his head. He turned and ran out the door, yelling, "Hornets, yeow!"

I had to laugh when two faeries with flaming red wings, invisible to everyone but the three of us slipped through the door just before it slammed shut. As they got close, Karenne reached into my mind, He was a bad man. That was a brave thing you did. I'm so glad you're my mistress.

Thank you Karenne, I'm glad you're my friend and helper. I could feel a slight hug at the base of my neck.

Danielle was the first to actually speak and she's usually pretty good at that. "What a effing asshole, excuse my French."

Then Rodrigo came over and started kissing all our hands. "Gracias, muchas gracias, you save my seester."

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