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Escapades of an Erotic Spy - Part 3 Dangerous Companions

Thank God for Faust. I can always get off thinking about him.
It was right then—with my recess yet dripping, and the young man beside me still trying to catch his breath—that a thought suddenly occurred to me. Actually, it was more of a realization. A jarring realization. A disturbing one. Certainly unexpected. Unanticipated. Unplanned. Unprofessional. Perhaps improper. Inappropriate. Ill timed. Yet hardly inconceivable.
When I’m in my room… When I’m out… When I’m shopping… When I’m dancing… When I’m in bed… When I’m in bed with another man… Whenever, wherever, regardless of the situation…my mind invariably strays to the same place—Faust.
Oh, my god.
My head began to whirl. The thoughts were flooding in. Why hadn’t I recognized it before? This man who taught me, teased me, tormented me, terrorized me even…he somehow invaded my heart. Now it was all so clear. The reason I wanted so much to please him…wanted to make him proud of me…wanted not to make him angry—it was all because I wanted him.
I was grateful that only ten minutes after we finished having sex, Hermann was dressed and ready to leave. According to him, he had already pushed his luck by staying out as late as he had. There were rules about what time he needed to retire to his quarters. Yet he quickly added that he wasn’t the least bit sorry about his being out so late.
I was still nude when my sexually satiated lieutenant made motions toward exiting. I got up from the bed and accompanied him to the door. My brain was still swimming, and notions of propriety simply weren’t pushing themselves to the forefront as I turned the doorknob and pulled it inward. Besides, it was now so late that I could count on there being no one in the corridor at that hour. Even more than that, based on what I had just done and what I had just come to realize about myself, I just didn’t let my state of undress faze me in the least. The door was wide open. I was naked. Hermann’s mouth was agape. He gave a quick look into the hallway. No one was there. Then, like a husband giving his wife a goodbye peck before heading off to work, he kissed me, said good night, and darted out the door. I caught him by the arm before he took his second step. Now I was just outside the threshold, standing there in the corridor with nothing on. The corridor lamps were only half lit at that hour—an effort to conserve resources made scarce by the war—but it was still enough light by which, if anyone happened along, he’d see me clearly.
“Dexeter!” Hermann whispered with shocked, saucer-like eyes.
“Shhh.” I put an index finger to his lips. “You don’t want to wake everyone and have them catch us, do you?”
He shook his head nervously. His eyes darted up and down the hallway.
I put my arms about him and leaned my face close to his ear. “When will you introduce me to the general?” I asked in a hushed voice that dripped with sexual promise for a correct answer.
“This week,” he uttered. “I’ll find a way. I promise.”
“Good boy,” I said. “I’ll be dating a captain very soon. I just know it.”
He gave me one last kiss, and then, with jerky hands, motioned for me to go back into my room. I retreated across the threshold and closed the door as we both exchanged parting waves. I had shocked him, intrigued him, fascinated him—even fucked him—but, most importantly, I had reeled him in. That boy would move heaven and earth now to get me to General Vogler.
I wanted to tell Faust. Frankly, I wanted desperately to be with Faust. I was half sorry he didn’t come clamoring out of his room while I was standing naked in the corridor.

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