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A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game is a complex story covering thirty years in the life of a woman, who at seventeen hit a low point when her father throws her out of the house for getting pregnant. Gritty and spirited, the indomitable Loretta Bishop after a stint in an Elko Bordello ends up as a Vegas cocktail waitress, making the best of her situation in life.

Over the years, many men and lovers pass through her life, but three stand out: Vinnie, a slick Four Queens pit boss, Gary, a young, impressionable co-worker, and last, Bobby, a handsome, college student.

Seventeen years Bobby’s senior, Loretta is tasked one night with taking the unassuming, modest, pretty boy under her wing and turning him into a ladies' man. At first Bobby seems like a fun boy toy, but when Loretta realizes she loves him and he asks to marry her, Loretta runs away in panic.

Now on his own it’s up to Bobby to put the methods Loretta has taught him to practical use. Will he succeed and parlay his new talents into love, wealth and power?


Las Vegas, 1983 Selling crotch-less panties and vibrators was a fun job, but it was nothing I aspired to, career-wise. About two months after having the baby and feeling pretty much back to my old self, I decided to dress up and see what else I could scare up. I had no wheels, and since Maddy's store was downtown, just past Las Vegas Blvd. I walked toward the casinos.

The first one I came to was the Four Queens Hotel and Casino. I liked the name, so I went in. I thought I'd start as a change girl, so I went up to a guy in a suit who didn't look busy. He was a good-looking guy, dark and dashing. He told me he was a pit boss and I needed to see Les, the casino manager, and pointed out a short, balding, overweight man at the other end of the casino.

I said thanks and started to head toward Les. When he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, I felt his touch in my toes. This guy is hot. "Wait a second." He looked me up and down salaciously. It should have made me nervous, but all I could think of was taking off his shiny blue-green suit. I pushed out my chest and spun around slowly for him without him asking, and when I finished, I curtsied. He laughed. I liked him, liked him a lot. He made me hot and I wanted him. "D'you eva serve drinks?" Hmm, a New York accent.

As a whore, I'd served drinks, so I answered truthfully, "Sure lots of times."

"Good. Wait here." He went over to a column that had a phone and spoke into the handset. He came back with a smile on his face. A good sign.

"You're in. Jimmy Haskins, the Bar and Restaurant Manager at the Fremont, is a good friend. You'll start in slots, but it's better than getting back trouble from lugging fifty-pound change aprons around. Besides, with me prodding him, you'll be in the lounge or the pit in no time."

I said, "Thanks. I owe you," and turned to head across the street to the Fremont, but he again grabbed my hand. My heart skipped a beat. My pussy was weeping crème.


"Just want to warn you. Jimmy's young and good-looking—a player, like me."

"So, is he going to try to fuck me in his office?"

"He might."

"And you want me? At least first. Then I can fuck Jimmy—is that right?"

He licked his lips. "Oh yeah, I want you, baby, real bad, I'd drink wine out of your pussy, but I wouldn't want Jimmy messing with you afterwards. I think I'd like to keep you for awhile."

"Do I have a choice?"

"Sure, this is America. What do you want?"

I walked up to him so we were touching belly to belly and put my hand between us. I smiled when I felt his cock. It was hard and rose to his belt. Mmmm, this was going to be fun. I looked up at macho man, who had a very surprised look on his face. "What I want is for you to call you friend back and tell him his new cocktail waitress, Loretta Bishop, will be there after three. It's one now, so that gives us two hours for what I have in mind.

Macho man's eyebrows dipped into a frown. He looked confused. "And that is?"

"If you can handle it. What I want is for you to find somebody to take over for you for two hours, get us a room, order a bottle of your best Beaujolais. In private, we'll get naked and you'll drink wine from my pussy like you said. Just so we stay on an even keel, I'm gonna pour Beaujolais over this"—I squeezed him tightly— "and lick the wine off of it. Have to be careful not to get any in your meatus, it could burn a little."


"Pee hole. After that, we'll let nature take its course. How does that sound?"

Despite the fact we were in the middle of the casino, Mr. Dark and Handsome, hugged me and whispered in my ear. "I'm going to eat your pussy til you scream, then I'm gonna fuck you everyway I can think of! What do you think of that?"

"I can hardly wait," I said.

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