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Pinocchio Syndrome

Chio Pino, Chicago’s newest wiseguy, is given his most important assignment to date –protection detail for Rosaria De Luca, his godfather's daughter.

Home from college and grown-up in all the right places, Rose is determined to lose her virginity to Chio, the guy she's had a crush on since fourth grade.

With a meat cleaver-wielding mob boss on his ass and an overly amorous temptress in his face, Chio’s problems are growing just like his dick when he lies.

Can he resist her or will he lose his expandable man part and his heart with one impulsive act?


Adult Excerpt

"Hi, Chio." Her hazel eyes twinkled like stars.

"Uhhh…" He reached up to make sure none of the spit that welled in his mouth dripped down his lip. Fuck! That was exactly what he wanted to do.

She smiled as if she knew what he thought. "Chio?"


She combed underneath her hair with long fingernails as she arched her brows. "Can we go?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure." He stared in aroused disbelief.


He nodded as he tried to walk normal, but his rock-hard dick hurt like a sonofabitch. Halfway to the terminal door, she wasn't beside him. He took a breath as he glanced around. She stood in the same spot – right next to her giant suitcase.

What a fucking moron. He popped himself in the head with his palm then walked back to her. "Jesus. I'm sorry. My manners are for shit today. Let me get that for you."

Her face lit in a smile. Chio almost hit the floor. "No problem."

He lifted her bag and strode to the sliding door.

"…Chio?" Her voice stopped him in his path.

He did an about face. "Yeah?"

Her gaze traveled his shoulder down his arm. "The bag has wheels."

"Oh, right." Shit. He dropped the bag and pulled up the handle.

They made it to the Buick. He watched her to see what she thought of his car. Her eyes didn't bug-out like previous chicks. Still, she had to be impressed.

He opened the passenger door for her then put her suitcase in the trunk. It still smelled like piss from when Carmine threw that pimp in there last week. Chio had cleaned it out three times. How embarrassing. Now her bag was gonna smell like that pimp's piss.

As he started his car, he glanced over at her. That was a big mistake. Her dress gapped open where her seat belt hit which gave him a view of her perfect tit. Apparently catching the aim of his gaze, she looked down. Chio looked away thinking she would readjust to cover herself…but she didn't. Jesus Christ. She just left her tit in plain sight for God and everybody to see.

Sweating like a fucking race horse, with a pain in his pants, he turned the air conditioner on…full blast. Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, he drove without moving his head.

"So Chio, do you remember me?"

"Uhh, yeah. I remember you from when you was a kid."

"You know, I had the biggest crush on you."

Chio's heart pounded. "Yeah?" He looked at her face, but like a moth to a flame, had to gaze down. Oh, God. It had been a mistake to turn on the air conditioner, because the nipple of her naked boob peaked as hard as his cock.

"Watch out!"

He looked back in time to miss some sonofabitch whose lane he'd swerved into. They were both gonna die right here on the road if he didn't quit dicking around. "Jesus. I'm sorry, Rosaria."

"It's okay. Please call me Rose. You seem a little jumpy. Do I make you nervous?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"Oh, I don't know."

She stared directly at his crotch. Chio looked down to see his pants swell from the lie. Motherfucker.

"Are you aroused, Chio? Do you want me?" She taunted him.

What he wanted was to slam on the brakes and relieve his tension in the middle of the freeway – in the middle of her. "No. Why would you think that?" There was no need to look down. The sound of thread breaking said it all. Not only was he going to die, he was going to die with a dick as long as a fucking broom handle.

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