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Farmer's Wife

Salesman, Nick Hanson receives a text from Donna Mae, farmer Jones' ravishingly beautiful daughter. She wants to switch the meeting place for their planned reunion to the family farm because her parents will be out of town. When he arrives the next morning, Nick is surprised and excited to find, not Donna Mae, but Bonnie Jean, farmer Jones' equally gorgeous wife, waiting for him.


Three weeks after our initial liaison at the warm spring, Donna Mae, texted me. She said something had come up and she couldn't meet me as planned, but if I could possibly meet her tomorrow at the farm. That her mother and father were out of town and we could have the whole farm to ourselves.

For the entire hundred mile drive to the Jones farm, picturing Donna Mae naked, I was hard as a two by four. Oh, the sexy things I was going to do to that sexy thang. I was so hard it hurt, so halfway to the farm, I pulled the zipper to the fly of my jeans down and pulled my giant erection out from behind the confines of my tight jeans. Much better!

I could hardly wait. This time we'd be doing it in a bed. Her bed and I bet it would smell like her. I remembered how sexy and natural she smelled, especially her sweet c**t! I grew even harder!

Finally, I arrived. I pulled right up near the front door, turned off the ignition and tried to shove my burgeoning shaft back in my jeans. It was impossible sitting in the car so I got out and tried again. Still impossible and it hurt like hell. Why bother. Isn't that why you're here? To let Donna Mae see your male pride. To touch it, stroke it, suck it and finally to have me fuck her sweet juicy cunt? I'll bet if I went to the door like this, Donna Mae would get down on her knees and take me in her mouth, right there.

Having reassured myself, I hitched my head, mounted the porch steps and rang the door bell. I wished I'd thought to wrap a red ribbon around my distended dick, but I didn't. Instead I wrapped my fist around it and when Donna Mae opened the door, I said, "I brought something special for you baby!"

Only it wasn't Donna Mae. "So I see," a gorgeous thirty-something woman with long brunette hair in a partially unbuttoned checkered blouse, a short denim skirt and ivory and pink cowgirl boots, said. This movie star quality woman, was trying to hold back a smile and not doing a very good job of it.

"Are you Donna Mae's sister?"

Her restrained smile bloomed. "Not quite. I'm her mother."

My mouth dropped open. I was aghast. Hurriedly, I tried to stuff my swollen cock back in that tight little space between my jeans and my groin.

She laughed and stayed my hand. My stomach jumped into my throat when her long fingered hand accidently brushed against my shaft. "Don't, please. That looks painful. Won't you come in?"

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