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An X Rated Film (Tammy & Johnny)

"Johnny. You are so good at oral sex, I'm going to tell my friends how good you are and you'll have more pu*** to eat than you can handle."
Johnny's smile turned into a frown. "That would be nice, but you can't tell anyone. Most people wouldn't understand."
"What about Becky. She's my best friend. I could tell her to tell everybody."
"All right, Becky. Now which movie you want to start with?"
"How about Sexual Positions for Lovers?"
"Sure why not." He picked the case up started for the TV then came to a halt, glanced at me and shrugged. "I was thinking."
"Maybe we should watch the movies in the family room, because the TV is twice as big as the one in here."
We adjourned to the family room and Johnny slipped the disc in the play slot of the DVD player. Then he sat next to me on the couch fiddling with the TV remote until the movie came up on the 70 inch flat panel screen. Using the DVD remote Johnny skipped the credits and fast forwarded past a woman who, appeared to be explaining what the video was about. What was on when Johnny stopped, took my breath away.
I don't know what I expected. Animations can be pretty realistic these days. Maybe I thought they would use animations or illustrations, but for some reason the last thing I expected to see was two people actually making it on the screen. Since it was the beginning of the video they were doing it with the normal woman on the bottom, man on top position. Apparently Johnny had fast forwarded it too far, because after only a minute the scene switched to a new position.
The woman, a brunette with frizzy hair and a nice body, was a little better looking than average. Now, she was on her knees, bent over, her legs spread while resting her head and arms on a pillow. The average, but seedy looking man, was older, somewhat balding and a bit overweight, but had a big schlong and once she was set, his huge member entered her from behind.
As I watched his shaft slip between her folds and bury itself in her soft recess, I pictured my brother doing that to me. It was so sexy; my genitals reacted by growing warm and wet, as if it was being penetrated. My lustful response carried through to my nubs and love button, which hardened and felt electrified with carnal delight.
Johnny wrapped an arm around my shoulders, then leaning in, whispered in my ear, "This is so sexy. Look at the size of him. And look how her feminine recess, just sucks his manhood right in."
Johnny's hot breath in my ear sent shivers down my arms and my heartbeat started to race. I gasped when he draped his hand over my boob and began pinching and flicking my nubs.

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