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SWAPSweet Backlash

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Following Saturday's hot time aboard her Boss's yacht, Lisa's friend Jenna invited her to dinner at her home. Reminiscing about the sexy time aboard the yacht and their suprinsing newfound attraction for each other, leads the pair to the bedroom. When Jenna's husband Jeff comes home from work, he finds the pair in flagrante delicto. What will he do? What will they do?


Mentally reliving my Saturday evening fuckfest with Dirk had been a mistake. My pussy was warm and my panties were damp. After eating my last rib and setting it on the pile of throw away bones, I took a deep breath. "That was delicious, Jenna. So was the wine."

"Thank you. Oh, you're out." She poured the last of the bottle into my glass and rose. "Let me get these dishes off the table and open another bottle of wine."

Before I could say anything, she'd picked up our plates and dashed through the café doors.

"Jenna, I'm gonna go into the living room. Is that all right?" I yelled.

"Sure, go ahead, sweetie. I'll be there in a minute."

I was on the living room couch for a minute or so when Jenna pranced up and filled my wine glass for the thir…or was it the fourth time. It isn't the fifth time, is it? I was getting confused. Translation, tipsy.

To my further confusion, Jenna took a seat so close to me our thighs rubbed. While I stared at her gorgeous bare legs, she rested her hand on my thigh. "Now, we can talk."

I stared at her hand on my thigh—about ten inches southeast of ground zero. Though it was ten inches away, I got so turned on, it may as well have rested on my clit. Her damn bare legs turned me on, too. Talk about perfect. Just the idea of what was an inch or two up from the hem of her shorts hardened my nipples.

Saturday as Dirk took us back to the marina and I sucked his dick, I distinctly tasted Jenna. After all, he'd just fucked hell out of her, until her husband Jeff discovered the three of us. Anyway, while I took care of his whopping nine incher, I pictured licking Jenna's twat. Naw, this can't be. I'm as straight as a Kansas highway.

Now, for Christ's sake, her damn legs are causing me to picture it again. I blurted out, "What did you want to talk about?"

Jenna straightened, which pulled her hand to the crack between my thigh and groin. My stomach tilted, I sucked in a huge breath, then sighed. Her fingers were two measly inches East of my smooth wet pussy.

Jenna smiled, then got a serious look on her face. "Lisa, sweetheart. We've been friends a long time and I've often wondered, but never asked. Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

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